About Us


Vapes Gone Wild was established in 2013 and has flourished in the vaping industry thanks to their core beliefs. Such as setting new industry standards, maintaining a consistent product, and providing a price point that allows people to save money when they switch to vaping. One of the many industry standards we are championing is the use of a pharmaceutical grade ISO 7 laboratory. In doing this, we are able to manipulate every aspect of our E-liquid manufacturing facility. Everything from temperature to air pressure is in our experienced control. Due to this type of facility we are able to maintain the quality and consistency of all the E-liquid that is manufactured at our facility, this ensures the highest quality at the highest standards. We believe premium juice does not need a premium price tag. With the ability to produce e-liquid on such a large scale we have been able to drive down the cost of producing it, which in turn has driven down the wholesale and retail prices that we can offer. Vapes Gone Wild has been able to greatly increase our customer base simply due to the fact that our e-liquid has been the most affordable option without sacrificing any quality.

We Stand Behind Our Product 100%


Our Story

Our founder and fearless leader Trent Struck (T.J.) was introduced to vaping in Salt Lake City, UT and soon found out that it could curb his desire for a cigarette. Back in 2013, Newnan, GA did not have any vapes shops within a 60-mile radius and T.J. saw this as an opportunity to introduce the population of his town to a smoke free alternative to cigarettes.


When Vapes Gone Wild opened its doors in 2013 one thing became very obvious to T.J. and his customers - product reliability at the time was an issue with what was currently available on the market and it was often difficult for consumers to learn how to use this new technology. Not being one to leave his customers high and dry, T.J. and his small staff at the time made a point to be there for there customers. It became well known that if you wanted to switch over to vaping that Vapes Gone Wild was the place to go if you wanted someone by your side throughout your transition. Because of this mentality in the region, T.J. quickly amassed a loyal customer base that remains with us to this day despite the many vape shops that have come and gone in our area.

Since its conception in 2013, Vapes Gone Wild has experienced tremendous growth. The first location opened in an 800 square foot facility. Within 6 months, we moved into 1300 square foot suite in a central location. By 2014 this suite was no longer adequate for the amount of customers coming to see us so we took over another suite within the same building giving us an additional 700 square feet. Last year T.J. made the decision to better prepare Vapes Gone Wild for the future of the industry with deeming FDA regulations on the horizon. To do this, the shop was moved once again into a massive 3,000 square foot facility, which gave us the space needed to build an ISO 7 laboratory constructed within our facility. This was a huge turning point for Vapes Gone Wild, which is now prepared to take on any future challenges the industry has to offer.

Management Team

profile-1.jpg mail.pnglinkdin.pngTrent Struck, Jr.Founder & CEO
profile-2.jpg mail.pnglinkdin.pngHunter Harper COO
screen-shot-2018-08-12-at-3.53.18-pm.png mail.pnglinkdin.pngChris Higginbotham Graphic Design/ Assistant Manager
screen-shot-2018-08-12-at-4.17.17-pm.pngmail.pnglinkdin.pngBobby Belton Lab Manager 
screen-shot-2018-08-12-at-4.04.26-pm.png mail.pnglinkdin.pngAustin Jones Assistant Lab Manager