The story behind our 2017 changes

After years of rocking our original kokopelli logo, it was time for change! Looking for a more established and professional feel to accompany our new and improved location, Trent chose the new logo and catchy slogan, “The cleanest e-liquid in the dirty south”. We loved our original kokopelli logo, but we were looking for something that you could only associate with Vapes Gone Wild. After many different label changes throughout our four years of business, we finally decided on our new, professional look. Our new logo not only helps to set us apart from other e-juice companies but also gives Vapes Gone Wild a fresh, clean look. Our door decals were also upgraded to give the building a new, sleek vibe and to draw even more people in. With our business expanding and growing faster than ever before, it was only right that we made some progressive changes to the brand. New shirts were made with our new logo and slogan and new stickers were also ordered as well. With the launch of our Cream of the Crop line, these changes were even more imperative. We strived to create a new look to help us better compete with other established lines in the industry and also to stand out with a more recognizable logo and look. We revamped our website with a cleaner look, and are constantly looking for more ways to propel our brand going forward! With the same amazing e-juice, staff, and service, Vapes Gone Wild is looking to the future of the industry and we are more than ready to navigate our way to the top!

After the logo change and rebranding of the company, our biggest change came in 2017 with the introduction of our “Cream of the Crop” premium e-juice line. Each e-liquid included in this line offers a unique taste and impeccable flavor, sure to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. We chose our best-selling e-liquids and aimed to include a variety of different types of flavors for each unique vaper. Our goal is to have our Cream of the Crop line in shops across the globe, and to make Vapes Gone Wild a household name in the industry. Each flavor is crafted carefully in our ISO 7 lab to ensure the smoothest, tastiest juice possible. While we still have a variety of in-house e-liquid available, these six flavors are the face of the Vapes Gone Wild brand.