Don't just believe us..... Here is what others are saying about Vapes Gone Wild:

"Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed the products you offered me. My wife wanted to stop her smoking habit and wanted one. I was skeptical at first but it has worked. I personally didnt smoke, but I decided I would try the product in order to stop dipping. I was dipping a can and a half of Copenhagen a day. I have tried gum and candy and any other thing in order to stop. Nothing has worked. But then I purchased an Evod, seeing that I did not want to invest a lot of money just in case it didn't work. But I am here to tell you that as of 3 weeks ago, I have not had a dip. I was told years ago to stop by my dentist, but it was a hard habit to quit. But with your products I have completely quit and I owe all the credit to Vapes Gone Wild. Your products are awesome and your employees are top notch. I hope to be able to purchase a nicer unit in the near future. I highly recommend anyone who wants to quit smoking or even dipping to visit your store and take the step and try the products. Great job guys...I should have seen the sign that is on my"

-Kyle P.

"I told you I have smoked cigarettes for at least 30 years and have tried every thing to quit...naltrexone, welbutrin, clonidine patches, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, and cheap convenience store electronic cigarettes, all of which were miserable failures. Just in my 3 short days of vaping, I can see this is the solution, it tastes better, better on the lungs/throat, increase in energy, mental mood, etc. Cigarettes are so addicting, not just the nicotine, but also addiction to the 1,000's of chemicals, so in my 3 days of vaping, I had 4 cigarettes the 1st day, only 2 cigs the 2nd day, and 2 again the 3rd day, and now those cigarettes taste like poison, make me feel like hell, and I can see that very shortly, probably within days, I will have weaned myself off of the other chemicals in cigarettes and start vaping only. I can feel the benefits, and the vaping juice is so much more tasteful, enjoyable, and healthy. Thanks for your patience with me Sat., I know I kept you past closing time."

-Charles L.

"After visiting several vape shops, I fell in love with Vapes Gone Wild! Eric assisted me with all my vaping needs and desires. Guaranteed customer for life! Thank you!"

-Marie H.

"Dear Vapes Gone Wild,

Thank you for the information and choices that you've shown me for vapor products. I previously was a cigar smoker, which as a woman was met with some raised eyebrows. I started smoking with my husband while I was on an extended recovery of a back problem. Due to the pain and other problems I started smoking cigars to put a small amount of pleasure back into my bed-ridden life. I expleained to my husband that I would stop smoking in the house when my back was healthy again. When I was feeling better I discovered vaporizers. Ther were cheaper, caused less coughing at night and have helped me deal with losing weight for my upcoming surgery. My husband's favorite reason, though, is that the house is smoke free. Thanks Vapes Gone Wild"

-Ann S.

"I had been a pack a day smoker for about 8 years and felt my health was definitely being affected. The problem was I still didn't want to quit. When I heard about electronic cigarettes my curiosity was peaked but I was doubtful. The whole thing seemed complicated at first but thanks to the help of vapes gone wild employees I was able to find the right cigarette flavor and nicotine level for me. Now the only thing I find myself craving is exciting new flavors and tanks!"

-Blake N.

"I have been a smoker for a long time, I didn't think there was any chance I would quit. When I found out about vapes from some friends I was a little skeptical.  I finally decided to come check out vapes gone wild and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I was able to quit smoking cigarettes, but still be able to enjoy the hobby of vaping. It was great! The employees at VGW are nice and very knowledgable. I can now focus on my health without being barred by smoking, yet still vape and be happy."

-Phillip N.

"I've been smoking cigarettes for 9 years, I've tried quitting several times. I was never able to go more than 3 days without a cigarette. But thanks to vaping and the guys at vapes gone wild I am now cigarette free for 1 month. They offer a large amount of products and are very knowledgeable about the products they carry. I've started to be able to breath better already and I still get to have the feeling I had from smoking. But these flavors taste way better than any traditional cigarette I ever had. I would highly recommend vaping to any cigarette smoker that wants to quit, and I'd recommend going to vapes gone wild so you can learn about it from an experienced professional."

-Josh G.

"Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for all the help with your assistance with products that I have purchased at Vapes Gone Wild and for getting me setup up with some awesome E Juices. I am a 25 year plus smoker and I am done with all of that. I'm only going on vapes for two weeks and I am starting to notice a big difference in my appetite, my sleep and my cravings for a cigarette. My wife is also very thankful, we have been together for over 10 years and she has hated every day that I have smoked and is so proud of her old man for not smoking. We have just purchased a starter kit for our son in law in hopes that maybe he will be able to walk away from cigarettes also. Once again thanks for all of your help."

-Jason S.

"My name is Amanda and I haven't had a cigarette in over three months. I started smoking when I was 12 and I am 32 now. That's 20 years of smoking for me. I was smoking on average, almost two packs a day. I've tried the electronic cigarettes, the patches, and even Chantix. I met a lady that told me about vaping so I decided it was worth a shot. Well, it worked! I started at 24 MG of nicotine and I am down to 8 MG now. I have no want for a cigarette anymore. I have noticed that my tastes have changed and I can breathe better too! I have also noticed that I can smell cigarettes now, and they stink! I plan to continue to lower my nicotine level until I'm down to zero. I will still probably keep vaping though since the flavors are so good. A big thanks to TJ and the Vapes Gone Wild staff for helping me to do something I've been trying to do for about three years now. :)"


"I went to vapes gone wild 2 months ago. I never thought I would quit smoking, but I haven't smoked a real cigarette in 2 months!!!! I tried to smoke a regular cigarette and almost threw up!!!! I love vaping, I feel so much better, and my doctor said it is great!!! I have recommended it to many friends who have actually went and got one and have stopped smoking also!!!1 THANKS VAPES GONE WILD YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"


"Great shop and amazing staff. Was a 1/2 pack to a pack a day smoker for the better part of 15 years. Got my first vape on Friday and smoke free since I left the store. You guys are awesome!"


"This place is awesome. I bought a starter kit here a week ago at a great price. The staff showed me how to use it and had plenty of options. I went back today because mine was tasting burnt. The staff found the issue, changed the coil for me and made sure everything was perfect before I left! I will recommend to everyone!!! Thanks Vapes Gone Wild!"


"This place is awesome. I am looking forward to trying more flavors I got the starter kit with my fiance and we have not smoked any cigarettes since. It was our priority to stop smoking but enjoying the taste of the vape liquids and all the different flavors make it even better! You can even customize everything to what nicotine level, flavor mixtures, how hard it hits, how much flavor and the mods."


"Love this place! Employees are knowledgeable and very helpful! They explain everything so there are no questions left by the time you leave! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great vape shop! Keep calm and vape on people :-)"


"I LOVE Vapes Gone Wild!! I am Smoke free now for 4 weeks!! The Customer Service and Products are Amazing!! I will Never go back to smoking nasty, dangerous Cigaretts again!!"


How vaping has changed lives:

"I started vapeing because I was smoking about a pack of cig a day and I knew it wasn’t good for you. I wanted to start a safer alternative"

-Mitch C.

"Smoked from 12, dipped from 14. Started vaping at 18 after realizing that dipping and smoking was not only killing myself, but also those around me, not to mention it just wasn’t attractive. I came up to VGW with some friends that wanted to quit smoking and after using theirs for a while,I decided to get my own. I’ve relapsed a few times, but as of now, vaping is my life."

-Ryan K.

"I was dipping at age 16 and I ended up screwing up my gum line and I had a swore jaw 24/7. So a buddy told me about vaping and I was hooked. I no longer dip and I have found that my jaw is getting better. Happy Vaping"

-Connor H

"I smoked for 5 years, my dad passed away 4 years from lung cancer. I was trying to find a better alternative to smoking. I ran into someone at the DMV in Newnan who was vaping. Thanks to him I got into something better and safer than smoking."

-Raymond W

"I found myself at 30 years old unable to play in the yard with my two young daughters due to a 15 year pack a day smoking habit. I made the switch to vape to be able to run in the yard with my babies. I’ve never looked back. I feel so much better and my kids now have trouble keeping up with me!"

-Melissa O

"The year after graduating high school, I started to go to parties and bonfires where everyone smoked and dipped. I followed suit and started doing the same. In 2012 my Momma was diagnosed with Leo Myosarcoma Cancer. I knew I needed to kick the habit but was socially addicted. I started vaping and only with Vapes Gone Wild once I heard about their store in Newnan. With my job where everyone is a smoker it has been a challenge to fully quit, but I am a work in progress. Every now and then I do break, but am at the point where I no longer desire a cig. Since I have been vaping I feel better, breathe better, and just feel cleaner with my life. Thank you to everyone at VGW for all your help, support, and just being awesome. Keep Calm and Vape On friends!!!"

-Cody K