Sour Rainbow

Sour Rainbow

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Sour Rainbow is a mouth-watering, lip-puckering blend of sweet and tart berries and lemon. This one is sweetly sour and refreshing! If you love this flavor, try Purpetrator next time!

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Lemon

At Vapes Gone Wild we use only the best ingredients to give you the finest e-liquid on the market.  All of our e-liquids are handcrafted and made to order with no added sweeteners. 

Please be aware that this flavor has changed as of August, 8th, 2016. 

Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 38 ratings)
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Written by Hank on 25th Apr 2017

Very Good Ejuice. Fruity Flavor With A Sweet & Sour Profile. I Get A Mild Sour Going In, With A Sweet Exhale. If You're Looking For A Good Standby Flavor, Yoi Can't Go Wrong On This. Could Easily Become An ADV. I Use It In A Tank & Drip It From Time To Time As Well.

Killer flavor
Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2016

Distinctly candy. Sweet with a little tart. Boss shit.

Not too bad
Written by David L on 1st Nov 2016

I really like the flavor in those moments it comes out. I probably should have gone with a higher percent PG. I went 50/50 and just doesn't carry the flavor as well. Pretty good plume though, and isn't harsh at all. Definitely would recommend this juice. If you are a flavor junkie though, might want to go with a higher PG and just deal with the bite.

Great falvor
Written by Rus Cordova on 28th Sep 2016

Definitely tastes like Sour Skittles and I love it. I'm not used to the mixtures yet but got 50/50 and it seems kind of harsh. Any suggestions would be great and if the hit was a bit smoother, I'd give 5 stars

Not bad!
Written by Matt on 10th Jul 2016

I really loved this juice at first, but after a 50ml bottle, it started to have a weird after taste. Like a watered down juice so to speak! Overall, the flavor wasn't bad.

Written by patrick on 24th Jun 2016

Favorite of all time just like a mouth full of sour skittles

Hands Down Best Vape I've Ever Tried
Written by Nick on 18th Jun 2016

This is my all day everyday vape. I love to try new flavors and I'm always searching for better flavors. I always seem to come back to this flavor time and time again. I take this flavor everywhere I go because I know it will be good in whatever tank I put it in. It has a candy taste that is not overwhelming. It has a nice smooth sweet flavor that will keep you craving more all day. Best flavor I have ever tried hands down. This is the flavor I brag about and tell people to try and those that don't vape live the smell as well. Try it you will not be disappointed. I use 6 mg at a 30/70 blend

The best so far!
Written by Stephen King on 22nd Apr 2016

This flavor has been in my vape since it arrived, the other flavors I ordered, I tried them and liked them but this one is by far my favorite so far!

Written by allison s. on 19th Mar 2016

I love the sour skittles! It has a sweet flavor to it & it fills the air with a nice aroma! You should try this flavor!

sour skiddles
Written by vflash30 on 17th Mar 2016

This flavor is the best flavor I bought so far. Will buy more

Sour and perfect
Written by undefined on 21st Jan 2016

Great juice!!! perfect all day vaping.

Sour Skiddles
Written by Evan on 15th Jan 2016

They really nailed it with this sour skittles vape, The reason for my 3 star is I ordered a full 100/0 vg level which sacrificed a lot of flavor in my opinion (my own fault) next time i order this i will probably go 80/20 that seems to be the happy medium for most people.

Good but not great
Written by Patrick on 9th Jan 2016

This is really some pretty good juice, but I don't think it tastes a thing like sour skittles. Good price also. Bought 100ml in an 8mg. I'll let it steep and see how things are then

sour skittles
Written by dave on 9th Dec 2015

The sour skittles e-liquid is fantastic I love it the flavor is great and I vape it every day.

great flavor and worth every penny
Written by deeadda on 4th Dec 2015

i ordered the sample pack and let me tell u it is well worth the price!!! the sour skiddles is amazing tho it does not have a sour taste but does taste like skittles which is awsome!!!! i love the flavor its deffinatly worth it!!! will be ordering again!!! thanks vapesgonewild

good flavor
Written by undefined on 8th Nov 2015

Enjoyed the flavor although I felt it could've been a little more stronger.

Written by undefined on 15th Oct 2015

dank juice. And 120 ml for $35 is a steal

Written by Krayzie on 9th Sep 2015

My favorite and all day vape. Never a disappointment with this one. Would love to see more sour flavors like this one

definitely an all day vape
Written by undefined on 6th Aug 2015

Great flavor just as described

Written by Kutla on 10th Jul 2015


no flavor like sour skittles
Written by tyler on 26th Jun 2015

doesnt taste like it say, price wasn't bad was just looking for more flavor. But hey everyone got there own opinion

Written by undefined on 22nd May 2015

Great flavor

Written by Christina on 18th Mar 2015

I've recently bought Mermaid's Treasure, Stoner's Delight, and Sour Skittles. Out of those three, I really enjoy sour skittles. I will definitely be getting int again.

Written by undefined on 2nd Feb 2015

It's a great vape but has a very powerful grape smell like liquid grape Tylenol. Still amazing tasting just not as sour but for the price you can't beat it

Really good
Written by mica on 15th Oct 2014

really good - it is my go to...

Good blend of flavors
Written by Glenn on 7th Oct 2014

I vape this all the time. last two bottles did not seem to have the same sourness and flavor as previously. this is why it has a 3 instead of a five.

Written by undefined on 26th Sep 2014

very nice n smooth

Not a lot of flavor
Written by undefined on 30th Jun 2014

I was excited about trying Sour Skiddles based on the other reviews but I'm really not tasting any particular flavor. I thought it was just me so I had my daughter try it and she said the same thing. I've tried adjusting the voltage but it didn't make a difference.

Not awful.
Written by undefined on 12th May 2014

It's not sour. But it's also not awful. Def a vape you have to let seem for a day or two.

Everyone loves this one
Written by Chad Gerry on 2nd May 2014

I had the 80/20 18 mg nic sour skiddles. I've tried many many fluids, and you never know what's in them. By having VGW hand-mix them for me, it creates peace of mind, and let's me have a stress-free vape. Not worrying about taste/flavor/or smoke because it's always consistent. I live in Cali but have shopped around nationwide to find this place, so my opinion is based on trial and error.

Great E-Juice
Written by undefined on 31st Mar 2014

Was just what I was looking for I'll definitely be ordering again and trying more flavors.

best flavor ever
Written by Adriane on 4th Feb 2014

Love this flavor, I will be ordering again!

My go to vape
Written by Zed on 27th Jan 2014

So far, this is my go to flavor. Obviously your pg/vg/nicotine mix will alter the taste/feel a little, but this is consistently a good flavor choice. It generally takes me a long time to get tired of it.

Sour Skittles
Written by Robin on 22nd Jan 2014

Love this flavor

sour skittles ok
Written by undefined on 10th Dec 2013

it taste like a skittle but doesnt have the sourness even if it says sour name doesn't meant its going to be sour

Sour Skittles is #1
Written by Zombie Socks on 3rd Dec 2013

This should be in every store on the planet! Its a must have on hand every day for me! I have one tank dedicated just to that flavor!

sour skittles is the best
Written by chris on 24th Nov 2013

vapes gone wild did a great job on the sour skittles it has awsome taste thanks guys.

Sour Skittles
Written by Mercy on 4th Oct 2013

We looked everywhere for a TRUE sour tasting vape that is similar to a sour candy. Just putting sour in the title doesn't mean it delivers is what we found out with most liquids we tried. Sour Skittles definitely delivers the taste we were after in a sour candy vape.