Vapes Gone Wild's Premium E-Liquid

Vapes Gone Wild makes all of its e-liquids by hand in an ISO 7 lab and will never give you a batch product.  You can choose from 15, 30, 60, or 120 mL bottles.  At Vapes Gone Wild we try to give you the most choices a vape store can by allowing all types of levels of nicotine used and PG/VG ratios.   

The PG/VG ratio means how much propylene glycol (PG) you would like in comparison to the vegetable glycerin (VG) you would like.  The more PG in your e-liquid, you'll receive more of a throat hit. The more VG in your e-liquid, usually the more vapor produced. We offer 70PG 30VG, 50PG 50VG, and 30PG 70VG mixtures. 

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