Zombie Brains

Zombie Brains

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Zombie Brains is a bold flavor that will attack you with its delicious bite! Definitely a vape that will have you craving more...brains!

Flavor Notes: Pomegranate, Cherry, Watermelon, Red Berries

At Vapes Gone Wild we use only the best ingredients to give you the finest e-liquid on the market.  All of our e-liquids are handcrafted and made to order with no added sweeteners. 

Please be aware that this flavor has changed as of August, 8th, 2016. 

Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings)
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Cough syrup
Written by Michael on 28th May 2017

Very dissapointed, another cherry, that tastes like cough syrup

My Fav
Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2017

Fruity but good throat hit

Great Flavor And Satisfyingly Strong
Written by John David McGhee on 2nd Feb 2017

Sweet and flavorful mix of fruity flavors. The throat hit from this is incomparable to any other juice I've tried. Easily my favorite of ALL time!

This is a Keeper
Written by Rose / Boston on 14th Dec 2016

I order this juice on a regular basis!

Great Cherry Flavor
Written by Nick on 18th Jun 2016

Spot on candy cherry flavor. Very good flavor. You might get some weird looks when you tell people you are vaping zombie brains, but they will get over it when they smell the tremendous candy cherry flavor that this vape outa off.

great vape
Written by undefined on 28th May 2016

Tropical flavor blast

Written by joshua perry on 1st Feb 2016

High wattage low wattage this is by far my favorite and the favorite of everyone I know. This is our go to. None of us never have a back up bottle of this regardless of set up. Sweet delicious and greAt clouds.

great Vape
Written by Daniel on 29th Jul 2015

Great Vape. Just needs a little more flavor, but is becoming my favorite Vape.

Great flavor
Written by Cecil on 18th Jun 2015

Love the flavor!

zombie brains
Written by undefined on 18th Jun 2015

It's a great juice once it has steeped I wish yall would steep the juices so when they get to the customer it would be vape ready but other than that great juice

its a good vape
Written by undefined on 12th Jun 2015

the flavor was bland. need more flavor. Smells good.

could be better
Written by Juan Moreno on 29th May 2015

It smells amazing but doesn't really a have a strong flavor it's kinda bland.

I would like to recant my previous review...
Written by ChinaDoll1213 on 28th Apr 2015

I ended up with another bottle of Zombie Brains and this time its amazing! No weird aftertaste just fruity goodness! It tastes kinda like Monster Assault! Like sweet cherry... but not the cherry cough syrup flavor at all. I dont know why it changed for me... I did upgrade from Kanger Aero tank and itaste MVP to a Kanger subtank mini and istick 50w and have noticed a huge difference in a lot of flavors! And btw... if zombies like brains and we like Zombie Brains then what are we? Just a thought! ;P

absolutely delicious
Written by carl on 20th Apr 2015

got this juice in my nicpik box and it was vaped in no time. it is delicious and ive been thinking about it since ive run out. i just ordered a 50ml bottle so i dont have this problem for awhile. to me the flavor reminds me of Hawaiian punch or hi-c fruit punch

Liquid Crack
Written by Ryan on 20th Feb 2015

Vaping five years, best tasting juice i've vaped. All day vape all day. Got a sample in a nikpik pack luckily :) Love it you shall to

Something Different
Written by Treed004 on 17th Feb 2015

Zombie Brains is what I am currently vamping and I would say that it is different then all I have tried so far. Unique blend of sweetness that hits a little tart right at the end. Kind of like a cross between strawberry bubbalicious and strawberry starburst. Wife has said she likes the smell. Not my favorite so far, but definitely not the worst.

Written by Nicole S on 19th Dec 2014

This is tasy- reminds me of red starburst. It tastes really good mixed with cotton candy- the experience is amazing!

def. not my fav.
Written by undefined on 11th Nov 2014

I'm not a fan of it. It taste like it has perfume in it. I wish I did like it I have a full bottle of it!

the best e-juice i have tried
Written by Anna M Hardee on 5th Nov 2014

I recently placed an order for the 30ml Zombie Brains. I have been purchasing it at a local shop close to my house. I have found that by ordering it straight from Vapes Gone Wild that u end up with it costing u less as well as it is super "fresh" since they make it when u place your order. in fact to me it tastes better than from the store i used to buy it at. I dont know why except that maybe it is because it is mixed as ordered. I live the taste and value. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. This was my first time ordering and got my order in 3 days. Thanks VGW!

It's like...
Written by Mike on 22nd Oct 2014

Do you remember Bubbalicious bubble gum? How it melted in your mouth as you chewed it? Cross that with a strawberry flavored Starburst and you have ..ZOMBIE BRAINS! It's really good!

Written by Tom on 10th Oct 2014

this is one the best flavors ive ever tried or tasted.. i will be getting more than just a 15ml of it next time i go by there.

Zombie Brains!!!!
Written by undefined on 9th Oct 2014

This is by far the BEST juice I have tried! Just purchased my 3rd 50 ml bottle and will definitely get more. Zombie brains is a great ADV it reminds me of a "Cherry Blow Pop"!!

Insane In Tha ZomBrain?
Written by ChinaDoll1213 on 24th Sep 2014

So... Of the many flavors that I have tried at VGW that are SO FRACKING GOOD this is not one of them :( Its not the flavor its like a sort of aftertaste that coats my tongue. I have actually ended up with more than one bottle of this too so its not just a bad bottle nor any other factor that i can think of.

Great name Great flavor
Written by undefined on 17th Jun 2014

Like I said great name with a great flavor. Tastes like the berry sour patch kids. Besides who doesn't like some zombie brains.

Love It!!!
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2014

Great fruity flavor

a friend told mr bout this one
Written by ryan on 20th Apr 2014

I love this one its my fav forsure

Absolutely love this one.
Written by Jodene Cummings on 15th Apr 2014

I'm not good at explaining how it tastes but I loved this one. Definitely one of my favorites.

One of my all-time favorites
Written by Josh M. on 13th Apr 2014

I tried this one on a recommendation of another vaper while I was waiting on my juice at the shop. I picked up a 30 mL bottle on my next visit and 30mL just isn't enough. This is one of my favorite juices to date. This will certainly be a staple in my vape case.

who knew zombie brains would taste this good!
Written by cassie on 12th Apr 2014

i love me some zombie brains!!!!!

Favorite Flavor
Written by anonymous on 9th Apr 2014

This flavor is awesome! I love it!

Good Stuff
Written by undefined on 4th Apr 2014

Wanteded something to go to for when I need something different from the tobacco blend that I smoke. This is a nicefruity taste. Kind of taste like Starburst or something like that

Love Zombie Brains
Written by undefined on 13th Mar 2014

This juice is awesome!! If you like Fruity, Tropical blends, make sure you try this one!!!